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 July 2011


Hello! Praying you are all well and happy. Here in Colorado it is an absolutely beautiful day. For the last month we’ve had a lot of moisture, snow up in the mountains and rain down low. Our house is in the middle of those, so some days we’d get the snow. Then on other days we’d get the rain. Some days we got BOTH! We will take that moisture and be happy, because before May we were having an extreme dry spell. And with dry spells it means you can have a wild fire at most any time. There were several fires not far from us. We had things packed and ready to go in case our area was evacuated. Thankfully the crews were able to get those fires out pretty quickly.


The storms that brought the rain and snow to us, caused havoc out there across the Plains and our prayers go out to all those who have experienced those tornados and devastation of their homes and towns. You have a wonderful Savior that is with you, hold on to Him!


Well, we have been close to home here lately with concerts. We started off April by driving across the mountains and down to the southwestern part of Colorado to the town of Naturita. Everybody there at Naturita POC Church of God were so wonderful! We had a long weekend planned with them with concerts on Friday night and then Sunday morning and night. We thank them for their hospitality and for the way they took such good care of us. Dan and Carla, Melvin and Bobbie, we love you all!!


Easter morning was spent with a church near our home, Kittridge Community Church. Pastor Mike and his wife Bonita welcomed us and we so appreciate all their hard work and help. Bob and Barb Ruesch, who are cherished friends, were also there to make the morning such a success. There was a great crowd that morning and we all had a joyous morning celebrating our risen Savior. We thank that congregation for allowing us to worship with them on such a special day.


Lookout Mountain Community Church was the next stop for us. What a beautiful church, both in design and also people wise. This was the first time being at LMCC and it was a privilege to meet Pastor Bill Senyard and the great congregation there. Suzzanne worked so hard to prepare things for us and we appreciate all that work, lady! What a sweet night with new friends, thanks to all at LMCC!


And finally we made our way up to Estes Park and the YMCA of the Rockies. I have told you about these great people and wonderful place before. We love heading in there each year to sing in the Sunday morning service and concert on Monday night. Chaplain Bill Huth is one of the greatest guys. He loves this place and the people that work and visit there at the Y. He and his wife Sarah, are always so welcoming and fun to be with. They don’t take care of this place all on their own though. Dave and Syb Eberhart and Dan and Barb Thompson have been coming to volunteer and work with Bill for years. They make the place feel just like home! We love you all, Thanks for letting us come and be a part of the “family” each year.


All during this time I’ve been finishing up my next CD. It is titled, “Presence of the King”. And we should be getting this CD here at any moment. WTS is working on getting it to us by the end of this month. It has some great songs on it that I naturally just love singing. Let me give you some of the titles: Standing In the Presence of the King, He Just Kept On Loving Me, The Promise, I Know Whom I Have Believed, Someone and  He’s Holding On to Me. Gerald Crabb, Joel Lindsey, Brian White, Don Pythress, Dee Gaskins and Ron Block are just some of the songwriters. And we had great players and singers to help out. So start watching for this latest effort!


I just saw that story about the bull elk that saved a marmot from drowning! I know, I thought it was a joke too. But I guess over there in Pocatello, ID at the zoo they have a big ol’ elk name Sparky (or something like that). They saw him next to his water trough and he seemed to be working on something. The zoo people thought that Sparky was acting funny and so they got their video cameras and starting taping. After about 15 minutes of Sparky sticking his head into the trough and then moving around and trying again, he pulls out a marmot! He saved the marmot from drowning! Isn’t that just amazing? An animal actually trying to save another animal from dying. Well that got me to thinking. What about me? There are people all over this world sinking and drowning in sin. I know how to get them to the One who can save them! Goodness, I pray that when I meet these people, that it doesn’t take me forever or even 15 minutes to mention His name. I pray I reach out for them and lead them to the Savior. I pray that for you too! Talk to you later, Sherri

January 2011


Happy New Year! Praying you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s days and are excited about starting out this year. We have already been out and singing and are getting ready to leave again. So while I’m here at home for a few days I’d like to get you all caught up. 


The first week of January found us down in the state of Texas. We went down to visit some friends we have not seen in a couple of years. First Baptist Church of Los Fresnos is a great place to start any year! We so appreciate Pastor Eddie Sanchez and all the wonderful people there at FBC that make us feel so welcomed. Thanks Tammy, for all your help to lady!


Several years ago when we started out on a concert tour, I noticed there was a weather pattern that seemed to follow us. Everywhere we went that year, RAIN followed us there. We would start to unload the equipment and it would start to rain. It would be raining during the concert. Then it would rain even harder when we’d begin loading the equipment back up. We thought we should just start advertising to parched and drought areas of the country- “Book a concert with Sherri Farmer and we’ll bring the rain with us!” Well, I guess this year instead of “rain”, we might have to start advertising that we’ll bring the “COLD”. While we were in TX, goodness it was cool. Normally during the winter months the temps usually run between 60-80 degrees. Not this time. Stayed in the 40’s and lower. And now that I think about it, there was lots of RAIN too. Uh-oh, rain and cold! I doubt we’ll get many requests with that kind of weather following us.


Anyway, we went on to do a concert over at Alamo Rec, RV Resort too. I sang there a while back for one of their Valentine’s Day banquets. This time they had an ice cream social right before I sang. You know how hard it is to sing when you know there’s ice cream around? We had a great time. Thanks to Linda for asking us back in!  And a special “Thank You to Juanita for all her help. Same to Dennis and Sally Maloney for all their support. They are part of Christian Resort Ministries. That is an organization that helps to put Chaplains in RV parks around the country. Go over and check out their site when you have a chance.


We got back up here to Colorado and were able to stay home for a day before heading off to Nashville, TN. My next CD is in the process of being put together and we went into the studio to work on the backgrounds for those 10 new songs. Remember the “Cold” that follows us? When we started landing in Nashville, I could not see the ground because of how hard it was snowing. Sure glad God could and he helped that pilot land that plane!


While we are home we have been working on the website to get it updated with some new things. So keep checking back every once in a while to see what might be new to you.


The next trip out will be in a couple of weeks. We are off the TX again and then swinging over to AZ for several concerts there. Surely, the cold won’t head that direction. But you never know! Thanks for checking in here. Please always keep us in your prayers; we want to be where God wants us to be. Blessings, Sherri

July/September 2010

Thanks for checking in here at the site! I am going to try and update you on things that have been happening around here. That might be a challenge with the way my memory has been working lately. What do they call it when you lose both your long and short term memory? I forget.

Anyway, I was fortunate to be able to sing for a great women’s meeting down in Pueblo, CO back in June. They put together a western style luncheon and asked me to come sing for them. Got lost on my way to Pueblo (hard to believe I know), but made it in time to sing and of course eat! I want to Thank them for the invitation and a great time.

Later that month I got to be with Dillon Community Church up in Frisco, CO. The congregation holds their services during the summer, out in an amphitheater by Lake Dillon. The sun was up and it was such a beautiful morning. They have a lot of visitors when they meet there, so I got to meet people from all over the country. Thank you to Associate Pastor Eric Robertson for asking me to come up to lead their worship time. Becky and Dale Hill had given him one of my CD’s and he gave me a call. So a big Thanks to them too along with Pastor Brian Myers. Looking forward to next year and being with them again.

In July I had several places to roam over to and sing! The first was actually here in Denver with a ladies group. They were actually down in Arvada, CO. They also had a speaker so I was asked to come up with some country numbers first and then sing some gospel. I always enjoy being with these sweet ladies. Thank you!

Then we were off to Estes Park, CO to join up with Chaplain Bill Huth, Sybil and Dave Eberharts and the rest of the wonderful crew there at the YMCA of the Rockies. I am privileged to be with them each year for their Summer Concert Series. It seems like everybody on earth likes to visit the YMCA during the summer and I get to meet these great people. Chaplain Huth and the staff work so hard to have wonderful programs for visitors to attend and participate. I am very happy that they allow me to be included! We love ‘em!

We took of for Branson, MO to sing at the Treasure Lake RV Resort. Becky Phillips (sweetie lady!) does the scheduling for that Resort and she was kind enough to set up 2 nights of concerts there for me. Goodness it was a hot time in Branson! But we enjoyed ourselves so very much. We are trying to get dates set up to head back next year; we’ll let you know when that will be. Thank you again Becky!!

During all these concerts I’ve been having fun singing the hymns off my new “Hymns” CD. Everybody just starts singing along with me, tapping toes and harmonizing away. If you are interested in having a copy, you can check out the “Online Store”. We are working on the website now and the order form should be there soon. If you don’t see it, just send me an email, and I will get one out to you.  

We’ve had some snow flurries here the last couple of days. Don’t get scared! In CO we can have snow flurries and freezing temps for 2 days and then it goes up to 70 degrees the next day. This is a beautiful area that my Lord has made. I am so very thankful He lets me live here. He knows me well. He knows I need reminders of Him and His presence. So he places me in a spot where when I look up and see the mountains, I’ll see Him. He is a strong and mighty God and how I love Him so!


May/June 2010

Alright, it’s time to update y’all on what has been happening around this Farmer place. We just don’t seem to settle in one spot for very long. The good thing about that, is we get to meet wonderful new people and run into those who’ve become such great friends!

We took off up to the north at the end of May and beginning of June. Started off in Boise, ID with friends at Pierce Park Baptist Church. Thanks to Shirley for all her help. She and her fun hubby let us come over for dinner, which goodness, was SO GOOD! Of course they could have cancelled those 4 inches of snow we got during dinner. It sure was beautiful though. That was the only snow we had on the trip. The rest of the time it just rained buckets and buckets!

After Boise we headed over to Boulder, MT. (Yep, the rain came right with us.) This was a new spot for us and we sure enjoyed ourselves. Some of the sweetest people around are found there at First Baptist of Boulder, MT. It isn’t a real big town, but their hearts are sure big! They are also great cooks; we had a yummy Potluck after the morning concert. Thanks to Pastor Dan McCarl for asking us up. We look forward to heading back soon!

Then our next stop was over in Rapid City, SD with Rapid Valley Baptist Church. Pastor Little took such great care of us! Rapid City is a beautiful area, they even kept it from raining on us when we were unloading and loading equipment. Again, God has some wonderful members of His family all over this nation. Pastor Little and his wife were in the middle of getting ready for their daughter’s wedding not long after we left. So congratulations to them and we Thank them so much for all their hard work. We’re ready to head back!

We got ourselves back home, but not for long. Dewey is still helping out with a company in Indianapolis and so it was back to Indy pretty quick. And for me, it was down to KY to check in with my Dad. He is doing pretty well, but would treasure your prayers if you would put some in for him. And Dewey and I would appreciate your prayers for all the many roads we’re traveling on.

We did pick up the new “Hymns” CD. It isn’t up on the Online Store just yet. We are working to get that updated here as quickly as we can. But if you’d like to get an order in, please just call one of our contact numbers, or send me a note at the site here and we’ll get a CD right out to you.  

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! How sweet it is to know that our Lord is with us wherever we go. We had a visiting preacher at our church on Sunday. He talked about how God is with us, especially through trials. We sometimes wonder why we have to go through such tough times, why wouldn’t God just take them away. The passage in 2 Corinthians was quite clear. It’s so we will learn to completely rely on God. Isn’t that a hard one to do? But He knows what’s best; He knows exactly what we need.

How precious He is!


March/April 2010

Hello to you all! Let me apologize for not keeping in better touch with you. There have been so many things on my list needing to get done, sitting down to write kept slipping down to the bottom of the list. Sorry about that! Praying you are all well and happy.

First off, I will tell you that my Mom passed away on March 2nd. Since last fall her health had been gradually failing. She’d have some good weeks and then some bad. We’d see doctors and get some relief, but her body was just getting tired. And I think her spirit was tired too. She had hurt for so long, not being able to get up and do things, she was ready to rest. Thankfully she wasn’t hurting at the end. Her funeral was on March 6th, which turned out to be a pretty day in Kentucky. The room was filled with beautiful flowers that she would have loved. Mom always loved her garden and wanted the yard filled with flowers. And the room was also filled with our sweet family members and friends. God has blessed us so with such a loving, tender family. They were all such a great support!

I want to thank you all for the prayers I know you were sending up while Mom was sick. I got so many notes from you all and goodness, that meant so much to me! Just to hear your voices and see emails encouraging me, meant more than you will ever know. Thank you so much!! I pray God will just bless you beyond what you could ever imagine. Thank you.

 Back in October I did get to sing in two of my favorite spots, Cortez and Naturita, CO. Those two towns are over on the western side of Colorado, way down in the four corners region. We have such dear friends there and love to hang around with them. I was honored to be with the ladies group at the First Nazarene Ladies Retreat. I sang a short time for them during the day, but was feeling a bit under the weather so unfortunately had to cancel the concert for the following night. They were nice enough to forgive me! I’ll be heading back there later on to make up for that! Then a few weeks later we drove over to Naturita to sing at Church of God. We always enjoy being with those sweeties! Looking forward to seeing them again soon!

In February I did get home for a weekend to sing in Aurora, CO for the Mississippi Avenue Women’s Meeting. Those ladies meet once a month during the year (I think they break for the summer months), getting together for different types of programs. They are kind enough to let me come sing every other year. We have a great time! Especially since they cook up such yummy food and we get to eat!! Thank you sweet ladies! My red fox really enjoyed those left over pancakes. And “Thank You” to Lou and Bill who help us set up and always make us feel so special!

During some of the good weeks my Mom had, I would drive down to Nashville to work on one of the new CD’s we’ve been putting together. The first CD, “Hymns”, is a collection of; you guessed it, old hymns. These are songs that I enjoyed singing while I was growing up. (Still enjoy singing!) Our family would gather around the piano to sing them or we’d harmonize on them in the car on the way to Grandma’s. They are just songs that grabbed my heart and shaped it into what it is today. I love the words, the melodies, just everything about them. As we recorded, I would bring home a copy of what we had done during the day. One night at the hospital, Mom wasn’t doing well, so I thought I’d play a couple of the songs to help soothe her. The first song was “In the Sweet By and By”. When it got to the chorus, you could see Mom’s mouth saying the words right along with the music. They are songs, I believe, that when I get to where I don’t even know my name, I will remember these songs and sing them in my heart.

We are looking forward to getting back to the work that God has for us! I was reading a devotional the other day on Mark 11:1-7. It’s the passage about the disciples going to get the donkey that Jesus would ride for His triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The writer of the devotional spoke of how astonishing it was that God would use such a lowly means to accomplish His purposes. But God does that all the time. He uses every day, normal, willing people. He uses people who think they have nothing to offer. Wonder of wonders, He uses me! Keep us in your prayers; we will keep you in ours. Blessings,


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