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A Willing Heart

A Willing Heart started in Denver Colorado with Sherri working at Colorado Sound Studio putting together her vision for the project. We finished it in the Nashville area with the help of several people to facilitate the "Southern Gospel Feeling" It seems to have taken a long time to get it finished, however we have learned so much and met so many great people who have helped us. Sherri has been singing for several years and has performed some of these songs in front of thousands. Every song on this project has touched her heart over and over again and has meant a lot to several people who have heard them. Sherri truly has "A Willing Heart" to serve God and do her best for him. We pray that this project contains songs that will touch your heart and draw you nearer to God. We have included below information about all of those that had a part in this project. We highly recommend each and every one of them if you have a need for the skills they posses. Please look for contact information for them on the Neat People & Great Companies page on this site.

Sherri would love to hear your thoughts about this project and suggestions for future projects. Contact Sherri.

General Credits

Executive Producer: Dewey Farmer for EM Records
Final Compilation Produced By: Sherri Farmer, Dr Scott Martin and Tommy Cooper
Final Mastering By: Alan Silverman at "ARF" Digital, New York, NY
Sherri's Photo's By: Legacy Zoom Photography - Katherine Hedrick, Evergreen, Colorado. Copyrights Owned By Dewey Farmer
All Other Photo's By: Dewey Farmer - All Photography and Graphics Copyrighted by Dewey Farmer

Nashville Recording Sessions

Produced By: Sherri Farmer, Dr Scott Martin and Tommy Cooper
Recorded at: Song Garden Recording Studio, Franklin, TN
Mixed at: AFAB Studio, Nashville, TN
Engineered and Mixed By: Tommy Cooper
Acoustic Piano, Keyboards and B3: Anthony Burger
Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin, Fiddle: Bruce Watkins
Background Vocals: Ladye Love Smith, Lori Apple, Stephen Hill, Buddy Mullins, Robbie Hiner, Jeff Pearles, Reggie Smith, Anthony Burger
Orchestration: Milton Smith

Colorado Recording Sessions

Produced by: Sherri Farmer, Dr Scott Martin and Steve Avedis
Guitars: Randy Chavez, Ernie Martinez
Drums: Courtesy of "Spectrasonicx Backbeat"
Mandolin: Ernie Martinez
Keyboards: Tom Capek, Sherri Farmer
Acoustic Piano: Sherri Farmer
Background Vocals: Leslie Wilson, Larry Plooster, Jen Wenz-Walker, Sherri Farmer, Mike Rhoda
Orchestration arranged and recorded by: Tom Capek, Sherri Farmer
Engineered and Mixed at Colorado Sound Studios by: Steve Avedis
Mastering at Colorado Sound Studios By: Tom Capek

Support for this project and Sherri Farmer's Ministry is provided by:

Evergreen Ministries
Dewey Farmer, President
P.O. Box 1706
Evergreen, Colorado 80437
Office: 303-670-8032

"A Willing Heart" and "" are copyrighted by Sherri and Dewey Farmer

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